Common Problems That Plague a Light Commercial HVAC System

The efficiency of your light commercial HVAC system is vital for your bottom line and success. Knowing what problems to look for can help you avoid them to maximize operational efficiency and energy savings. Here are four common issues that can plague a light commercial HVAC system in Cypress, TX:

Blown Fuses and Burned Capacitors

Light commercial HVAC systems have fuses to safeguard from overheating during operation. The lack of an operational fuse exposes the internal electrical components to serious damage that may also be dangerous. System capacitors can also burn out, leading to the system malfunctioning or not starting.


Rodents such as mice get caught in the system ducts, especially if there are holes in the ductwork. These rodents cause blockages in the system and may die, causing a pungent smell in your business. Protecting the system from interference by these rodents helps you maintain high energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality.

Clog in the Drain Line

Debris and dirt that build up during the light commercial system’s operation can clog the drain lines. The blockages prevent the lines from routing the excess water away from the unit. Lack of an outlet leads to water damage as the water and condensation flow back into the drain pan, affecting the light commercial system’s operation.

Lack of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance ensures that your light commercial HVAC system runs efficiently and at peak performance. Air filters that are dirty and old restrict airflow in the system, causing strain in its operation. The ductwork can also develop leaks and cracks, making it impossible for the light commercial system to supply air effectively.

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