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The technicians at Better Than Best A/C and Heating can handle any air conditioning Installation need. Needing a new air conditioning system can be a very stressful time for homeowners and businesses. During hot days, no one likes to be inside their home or office.

HVAC system repair or replacement is a serious financial decision that shouldn't be taken on a whim. Before you start spending, consider these important factors first.

  • Age
  • Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Long-Term Cost
  • Overall Condition

There are many options when it comes to brands and types of air conditioners, and Better Than Best A/C and Heating can provide you with free in-home estimates and a wide variety of options. Better Than Best A/C and Heating guarantees that your air conditioning installation will keep you cool and comfortable all spring and summer.

Call us today at (281) 502-2913 to learn more about our comprehensive maintenance program, and be sure to ask about our current specials and discounts!

How to Know your Air Conditioning Unit Needs to Be Replaced

Loud Noises

They're not the quietest appliances around your house. Nevertheless, there is a difference between the sound of a running air conditioner and the sound of a broken air conditioning system.

Note any unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner. If you hear grinding, scraping, squeaking, or thumps, your air conditioner's belt may be malfunctioning.

If your AC unit is damaged by a broken belt, it could also be damaged by other problems. Your air conditioner may not be salvageable if you don't have the belt replaced.

Funny Smell

Ideally, the air that comes out of your air conditioner should not smell. Your unit could be emitting a strong, pungent smell if its insulation has burned out.

If your air conditioner has a musty smell, it could be due to mold growth. Your family may become ill from mold in the air if you wait too long to schedule service.


A leaking air conditioner could mean a few different things, depending on the circumstances. A refrigerant leak could be the worst-case scenario. Before any family members or pets come into contact with the liquid, you should call for an emergency repair service.

Alternatively, your air conditioner may be leaking water. If the condensation tube is blocked or damaged, this is a sign.

In either case, you'll need to repair your air conditioner if it's leaking.

Higher Electricity Bills

It's usually a sign that an appliance has become inefficient if your electricity bill has increased dramatically. Your air conditioner may not be working properly in the summer if the temperature soars.

If you want to avoid a spike in your electricity bill, it's recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced every year before the summer.

Our Air Conditioner Installations Include AC Float Switches

Your air conditioning installation contains moving parts that play a crucial role in cooling your house and ensuring the entire system operates harmoniously. One of them is the AC float switch. An AC float switch is an electronic water sensor for your air conditioner. It allows your air conditioner to detect when the condensate drain has clogged. When the drain line clogs, the AC float switch is activated, shutting the system off to prevent water damage from condensate overflow. For your protection and peace of mind, we ensure every air conditioning installation we complete includes an AC float switch.

AC Installation Tomball, TX and Surrounding Areas

HVAC (heating and air conditioning) systems use ducting and venting to distribute air throughout your home. In the absence of ductwork, central cooling is not possible. Tomball, TX & surrounding areas have existing air conditioning systems. When it's time to replace your system, Better Than Best A/C and Heating can provide you with options that fit your budget and comfort needs.

The process of finding an Air Conditioner near you is much simpler than you might expect. As the number one air conditioning contractor in the industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done. Family-owned and operated, Better Than Best A/C and Heating serves Tomball, TX and the surrounding areas. As licensed and insured professionals, we are able to install any type of air conditioning unit you may have.

An air conditioning system is a high-maintenance appliance that requires a lot of attention. To operate efficiently and effectively, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Otherwise, your system will fail or crash more often and cost you more money than you'd like to pay for the service.

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