Diagnosing the Causes of 3 Ductless Noises in Pinehurst, TX

Many Pinehurst, TX, homeowners choose ductless systems because they’re energy-efficient and quiet. Odd noises coming from your ductless system indicate that there’s a problem. These are some of the most common noises your ductless system can make and their causes:


When there’s a leak in your ductless system’s refrigerant line, bubbles can form. These bubbles can cause a hissing or bubbling noise. If you don’t take advantage of our mini-split AC repair services, it can eventually break down your entire ductless system.

Bubbling noises can also be due to excess moisture in your ductless AC system. This usually happens when the drainage line has a crack or blockage. In this situation, we can replace your drainage line to ensure your system functions properly.


When components within a ductless system are loose, they make a rattling sound. As your system ages, wear and tear increases, which causes parts to loosen.

This could result in those loose parts hitting the exterior frame of your ductless system while it’s running. Another possible reason you’re hearing rattling sounds could be due to debris on the condenser. During routine maintenance, we can tighten loose parts and clean off system components to help avoid these unwanted noises.


Problems with the compressor’s electrical system can cause a buzzing noise. This problem makes your ductless system less efficient. The result is higher energy bills.

Buzzing could also be due to a loose or broken fan blade. Additional problems related to a buzzing noise include a faulty fan motor and dirty condenser coils.

If you’re hearing any of these ductless noises, we can locate and diagnose the problem causing them and recommend the best way to repair them. Call Better Than Best A/C and Heating today for help with your ductless AC system issues.

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