5 Signs of a Bad AC Sensor in Conroe, TX

The air conditioning system in your Conroe, TX, home or office plays a vital role. It keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Within your air conditioner, the AC sensor holds a key position in detecting temperature changes and allowing the system to adjust its operations accordingly. Here are five signs that indicate there’s an issue with the AC sensor:

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

The first obvious indication of a faulty AC sensor is inaccurate temperature readings. If the temperature in the room feels significantly different from what the thermostat shows, it’s time to have a professional check your sensor and possibly replace it. During regular maintenance, a service technician can detect an inaccurate air conditioning sensor before it fails.

Constant Cycling On and Off

A faulty AC sensor can lead to frequent cycling of your air conditioner. This usually happens because your system is trying to reach a certain temperature but can’t due to the faulty sensor not providing accurate readings.

Uneven Cooling Throughout the Building

Another indication of a bad AC sensor is uneven cooling or hot spots in different areas of your house or commercial space. If you have a multi-zone system, sensors could fail to accurately detect the temperature in one or more areas.

Delayed System Response

A properly functioning AC sensor should respond promptly to changes in temperature and adjust the system accordingly. However, a faulty sensor may cause delays in system response or failure to activate the cooling cycle when needed. If this happens too often, you may need to call a professional to diagnose the issue.

System Error Codes or Fault Messages

Modern AC systems can detect malfunctions and display error codes or fault messages on the thermostat or control panel. With smart thermostats, you might even get an alert on your smartphone. If your system displays error codes that relate to temperature or sensor issues, consult the manufacturer’s documentation, or call for one of our service technicians to diagnose and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above in Conroe, TX, call Better Than Best A/C and Heating for repair or replacement services. Ignoring sensor issues can lead to more significant problems later, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your indoor comfort.

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