Understanding What an AC Float Switch Is for Your Air Conditioner

An AC float switch is a crucial component of your air conditioner, allowing it to work effectively. Here’s all you need to know about AC float switches, including their functions and benefits in Tomball, TX, homes.

What’s an AC Float Switch?

An AC float switch is a safety measure in your air conditioner that prevents an overflow and water leakages from occurring. It’s an electronic water sensor that allows your air conditioner to detect and respond to a clogged drain. The AC float switch can shut down the air conditioner once it detects clogging in the drain.

The position of the float switch depends on the type of air conditioner, but it’s typically on the secondary drain pan. If your air conditioner doesn’t have an AC float switch, you can have an expert service technician install one.

Functions of Air Conditioner Float Switches

Air conditioners usually pull moisture from the air, which collects as condensation and flows to the drain pan. However, a problem with the drain line can cause the water to back up, or an overflow of water in the drain pan can cause water leakage. The float switch prevents leaks in your air conditioner by sending a signal to the system to shut off.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Float Switches

AC float switches can alert you that your air conditioner has problems and requires repair. It allows you to fix the problem before it progresses, preventing further damage. AC float switches also help prolong your air conditioner’s service life.

AC float switches keep water from leaking into your home and causing the growth of biological contaminants. It’s remarkable that such a small device accomplishes such a big task. One attachment can preserve indoor air quality and help you avoid adverse health effects.

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