Why Won’t My Heat Pump in Cypress, TX, Stay On?

Your heat pump should typically warm your home in Cypress, TX, in a cycle of 10 to 15 minutes. If it shuts down sooner and doesn’t warm your home to the desired temperature, something is wrong. Short-cycling in a heat pump can indicate blockage to airflow, a faulty thermostat or a system that’s too big for your home.

Obstructed Airflow

Every three months, you should replace the filter in your return vent to ensure smooth air circulation. Also, make sure to schedule professional maintenance each year. Remember that even something like a rug covering a supply vent can have a negative impact on airflow.

Dirty filters and blocked vents force the motor to work harder to circulate air, which leads to overheating and premature shutdown. Dirty coils can overheat, too, creating the same result.

Faulty Thermostat or Control Board

Your thermostat tells your heat pump to turn off once it reaches the set point. Over time, its sensors may become inaccurate. Sensing the indoor environment is warmer than it actually is, it’ll direct the heat pump to turn off sooner.

Or the problem may lie with the control board, which shuts the system down upon input from the thermostat. Replacing this can be expensive, but it’s nowhere near as bad as dealing with the following problem.

Oversized Heat Pump

Heat pumps have a capacity that fits them for homes of certain square footage. Perhaps through some fault of the installers, yours is too big for your home, in which case it’ll heat rapidly and unevenly. The only solution here is a complete HVAC replacement.

To have a service technician come to your home in Cypress and determine what repair your short-cycling heat pump needs, contact Better Than Best A/C and Heating. We’re available 24/7 in case of emergencies, and we service all makes and models.

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